[Fixed] Issue with building LLVM in Rust compiler build

Hi folks,

I am trying to build the Rust compiler (MSVC build) from source on a Windows VM. When building the rust compiler from source, I encountered an error when it tries to build LLVM. The full relevant log can be found here.

It seems that it tries to execute the directory (bin) instead of the executable (cmake.exe), which led to me thinking that the PATH for cmake is wrongly set. However, running cmake --version yields the correct output in the same script. so it shouldn't be that. Does anyone here know what could cause this wrong cmake reference?

You may want to move this to internals.rust-lang.org.

I dont use windows, so I dont know.

My guess (just looking at github) is you need to update cmake in src/bootstrap/Cargo.toml


See solution here

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