First small web-based tool written in Rust: slurm_inspector. Feedback appreciated

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Rust and I thought a good way to learn the language is to start a new project:


This is a little utility that monitors the status of a SLURM (= Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management) cluster and presents the result as a web page. It uses the Iron web framework and is configurable via command line.

I hope that my code is somehow idiomatic (I'm sure that there is room for improvement), so it would be nice if s.o. could take a quick look and give me some feedback. (I've already added some stuff on my TODO list in the file)

So far I've been enjoying Rust a lot and I really want to use it more (I'm also thinking about porting some of my Fortran+Python tools to Rust).

I've also noticed that discussions about Rust and web development keep showing up now and then. Maybe my code could serve as a simple starting example for Rust beginners (like me).
(Of course after making it more idiomatic ;-))

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