First project: Image processing app that generates palette of top 10 most frequent colors


I finished my first "real" project with Rust. The program takes an image, processes it, and creates a
copy with an appended palette of the 10 most frequent colors found in the original image.

I've some ideas about what features to add but before moving forward I would really appreciate any feedback: What I'm doing wrong, what I'm doing right, to what to pay attention to, how I can improve? anything...



Very slick work! I just cloned the repo and ran it. Worked like a charm.

I just glanced at and would suggest in

    let place = Placement::Bottom;
    let mut imgcpy = FramedPicture::new(
        img.width(), img.height(), Some(n), place

to not define place as a variable. Minimizing the number of names eases the process of reading the code. Of you're not going to reuse it, just putting the Placement::Bottom in the function makes it easier to read.

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