Imageproc, an advanced image processing library for Rust



An advanced image processing library for Rust.

imageproc is a advanced image proccessing library for the Rust language in order to provide:

  • generic pixel, image, geometry data structure alike OpenCV
  • Image IO for variable image file format
  • image transformations
  • image processing routines, e.g. convolution, gaussian blur, etc.
  • canvas and rasterization (TBD)

This project is targeted to provide a production level image processing library similar to RMagick and
ImageMagick. All image processing code, such as colorspace conversion and 2D convolution, are pure
Rust to leverage its memory safety property. imageproc can serve as the basic building block of higher level, image-related Rust libraries, such as a QR code generator or online image editor/enhancer.

imageproc also includes a self-contained image decoder/encoder library FreeImage, so that we can
read/write most image format on the internet out-of-box.

Feel free to give me feedback!


Are you planning on duplicating all OpenCV functionality at some point? I want to do motion detection, and I’m not sure if I should try and make my own project, or (potentially) contribute to yours.

I haven’t dug too much into OpenCV yet so I’m not sure how far I’ll get if anywhere at all. I wanted to make sure I ask before I try anything.


Are you planning to publish this to