Fearless Rust Bloggers


I’ve gone through the first 228 This Week in Rust posts to find out who is, and has been, blogging about Rust. That’s nearly 5 years worth of dedicated work by @nasa42, @llogiq @cmr and others keeping track of the Rust community online.

The table below includes 140 RSS feed URLs from the most dedicated Rust bloggers that have been featured on TWiR. Not all of the bloggers are currently active. Some have been included for reference/archival purposes, as they’ve posted regularly in the past and the content may still be valuable. I’ve only included RSS feeds that post exclusively about Rust.

The spreadsheet I worked from also includes a list of 25 Rust blogs that don’t have RSS feeds, but do post exclusively about Rust. The spreadsheet also includes a list of 174 blogs that write about Rust but not exclusively.

How active is the list currently? There can be as many as 10 new posts a day, but usually it’s between 5 and 10. If you don’t do RSS and want a single resource beyond /r/rust then medium.com/tag/rust/latest is as active a resource as I’ve found.

If you have a Rust blog and don’t see it on the spreadsheet please do get in touch.

There is an OPML file, for those who want to import the entire 140 blog list to a feed reader.


'static Blog A rust/piston game developing tutorial
Aaron Turon Adam Perry
Air Mozilla Alberto Ruiz - Silicon Island
Alexis Beingessner Amethyst Game Engine
Andrew Gallant : BurntSushi aochagavia's blog
Are we web yet? Armin Ronacher
Baby Steps Barely Functional - mgattozzi
benjaminFRY as blueJEKYLL; bheisler.github.io
Bibhas Bhattacharya : mobiarch blog.rust-lang.org
Bloggedy blog bluss' rust bursts
Brandon Milton : brandonio21 Brian Pearce
Brian Troutwine Carol's 10 Cents
Changelog Chris Krycho
Chris Morgan Clap.rs
Claus Matzinger - x5ff coaxion.net
Danilo Bargen : blog.dbrgn.ch daschl writes. sometimes.
David Herman : The Little Calculist David Renshaw: Cap'n Proto for Rust
Davide Aversa dev.to
Dirkjan Ochtman Edaqa Mortoray : Musing Mortoray
embed.rs Embedded in Rust
Erick Tryzelaar : Chasing Rabbits Exploring Rust on Teensy
Faster, Safer, More Productive fix-rs
Gergő.Érdi.hu Gotham web framework
Gtk-rs Herman Radtke
Huon Wilson InsanityBit
Integer 32 IntelliJ Rust
into_rust() Ivan Sagalaev : Software Maniacs
James Munns jbp.io
Jessy Pelletier-Lemire : Rambling On Bytes Jimmy Cuadra
Jon Gjengset Jonathan Turner
Kade Killary Karol Kuczmarski
Keep Calm and Learn Rust Kyle Huey
LibHunt Rust Llogiq on stuff
Luca Barbato Lukas Kalbertodt - Totoroot
Maik Klein Manish Goregaokar : In Pursuit of Laziness
Markus Westerlind : Collecting Rust Martin Wernstål: m4rw3r
Matt Godbolt Matthew Mayer's tech blog
Matthias Beyer mht.technology
Michael Tilli : Pyfisch Michael Woerister : a bit of respite
Michał Kalbarczyk Mikael Zayenz
Mozilla Hacks » Rust Murali Mohan Rath
Nerijus Arlauskas : Ironic Blog New Rustacean – learning the Rust programming language
News on Redox - Your Next(Gen) OS Nicholas Nethercote @ Mozilla
Nick Cameron : featherweight musings Nick Fitzgerald
Nikita Baksalyar Oliver Wyman Labs
Pascal Hertleif Patrick Walton
Peter Liniker Phil Dawes
Philipp Oppermann Piston
Platymuus quiet misdreavus miniblog
Rahul Sharma Ralf's Ramblings
RedHat Blog » Rust Relm Blog
Request For Explanation Ricardo Martins
Rust Herald Rust Leipzig
Rust on Julia Evans Rust on Medium
rust – More Stina Blog! Rust — Jim Turner
rust.fastmail Rusty Spike Podcast – A podcast for Rust and Servo
Samrat Man Singh Santiago Pastorino
Sean McArthur : seanmonstar Servo Blog
So, you want to write an Operating System in Rust? Some(code)
Some(udoprog) Steve Klabnik
Steven Sheldon : sasheldon.com Suspect Semantics
The Firefox Frontier The Mozilla Blog
The Rust Community Blog This Week in Rust
This week in Rust Docs This week in Rust+WebAssembly
Tokio.rs Blog Unhandled Expression
Victor Berger - Levans Vitiral
Vorner Voxxed
Will Murphy withoutblogs
wraithan's blog Xudong-Huang's Blog
Zack Davis Zimon Dai


Very nice list! I had done some similar work in the https://github.com/Vagdish/planetrs repository; I think it would be nice to have a real Planet Rust – Read Rust is great, but still depends on human curation. I asked around about setting up a planet.rust-lang.org, but it’s unclear where the community team is with that.


FWIW, while I don’t post exclusively about Rust, you can access my Rust posts at https://manishearth.github.io/blog/categories/rust/ (feed)


Like Manish, I don’t post either a ton or exclusively about Rust (it’s mostly on the podcast instead!), but there’s a distinct tag and it has its own RSS feed.

And of course, when I pull it up I realize I have 37 posts there in under three years, so it’s an average of one a month (though in spurts)!


Awesome list!

Apparently I need a feed.xml.


I have a general programming blog but there’s a (still very small) section dedicated to Rust. I plan on filling it up much more soon :slight_smile:. I’m self-taught and pretty beginner, but hopefully sometime I can have something of use. When there’s some tooling that I think needs explaining without great documentation, I try to put up a tutorial as a resource. I’m also super into audio stuff.


I post mostly about Rust: https://blog.guillaume-gomez.fr/


Thanks, I’ve added you to the exclusives. I did try look for a feed link, so thanks for enlightening me. :slight_smile:


Thanks! You’re in. It doesn’t matter how much you blog, just as long as it’s a feed with rust only content :slight_smile:


This is so awesome, thank you so much for your effort!

I’m on the list :heart:


Wow, thank you so much for assembling this. :slight_smile:

The URL you used for my blog is not exclusively Rust, but the sub-feed at https://www.ralfj.de/blog/categories/rust.xml is.


This is great, thanks for your work on this. I think this deserves a github repo :slight_smile:.


I mostly blog about Rust but putting me in the non-exclusive column was correct! It’s not directly advertised but I have an RSS feed at https://mgattozzi.com/feed

This is awesome! :smiley: Great work!


Thanks! It would be cool to get a Rust only feed from you, because you have some really good work. Would that be non-trivial? What are you using to generate your html?


Hey! So it uses Terra templates as you can see here to generate the html. The server is run with the Rocket framework. I don’t think it would be hard to just add a /feed/rust endpoint and serve up another feed with just the Rust stuff


If you want more people to read your blog posts, then, by all means, get it setup and I’ll add it to the list. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks, I have loaded this to my reader. Although I have noticed that Rust on Medium has article about actual rust and some spam :wink:


I know. It’s either follow #rust or #rust-lang and there aren’t half as many posts to #rust-lang, and the ones that are, are often posted to #rust also.


I just started a blog about rust, and wrote the blog in rust as well. https://vishus.net


It’s live now! https://mgattozzi.com/feed/rust