Article publishers for Rust?

I used to write a lot about Rust on my blog with a fair amount of success, and am wanting to get back into things. Does anyone know of publications which accept Rust articles?

I tend to write longer articles touching on more advanced topics, in particular my aim is to help fill the "I'm comfortable with using the language and tools, now how do I progress from an intermediate to expert software engineer?" niche.

For anyone is interested, most of my content is available on my website.

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Do you send your blog posts to (information about how that can be done can be found at the top of each issue)? I love to read blog posts related to Rust.

Yes. My release process was to make a PR to TWiR (e.g. rust-lang/this-week-in-rust#1361) and make a post to Reddit (e.g. Writing Non-Trivial Macros in Rust).

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