Failure 1.0.0 on March 15

I'll be releasing the 1.0 version of failure on March 15, three weeks from today. Feel free to read more about it here:


As a mostly-hobbyist programmer who used to be intimidated by proper error handling, let me say: thank you very much for the care put into Failure's design and documentation. My current project has pretty robust error handling for the first time!

I especially appreciate how the documentation lays out the API's usage patterns and guides you toward choosing the right one for your project. Looking forward to 1.0!


Great news! Thank you for your effort!

Your crate is already very helpful.

@withoutboats maybe you could publish failure 1.0.0-beta so that one could try it now?

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I finally had a chance to dig into failure and wrote up my experience.


@withoutboats Any update on the status of this?

Great post, it was very enlightening for me to read such concrete feedback. I am sure it will be useful to the team!

p.s. the header

My Recent Failures

made me go :laughing:

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@withoutboats any update on the 1.0 release? :slight_smile:

Any update on the 1.0 release?

I hope it doesn't seem gauche to give this one more bump. I have a project using failure, and while it's been working well for my needs, I do wonder about it sometimes when, for instance, trying to reduce the number of chronically-at-0.1 dependencies.

Has this simply been delayed? Is there a better-favored error handling library, now? failure was being recommended as best in class when I started this project.

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See GitHub - rust-lang-deprecated/failure: Error management and linked RFC.