Enable Rust in HackerRank `30 Days of Code` challenges

Hi guys,

You might have heard about HackerRank, They rank programmers based on their coding skills, helping companies source great programmers and reduce the time to hire.

I tried to complete their 30 Days of Code Challenge. But the question is they have enable Rust only for Day 0: Hello, World. challenge . I tried to ask this from author and this is the response I got.

The blocker is just having somebody who can write the code stubs. If you're interested in writing stubs/solutions for certain challenges yourself, you can definitely do that and contact support. Then we can review/test them and enable that language for the challenge.

I'm still a newbie for Rust, so I would be very grateful if we all can work to enable Rust in HackerRank challenges. According to author we need to write code stubs in Rust.



I've contacted hackerrank support to offer my services.




Thanks a lot :bow:

Hi @booyaa,

Is there any update on this?

Rust is still not in the list to program in HackerRank.

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Is there any news ?