FYI - Advent of Code 2021 started today


a friendly reminder, in case you'd like to practice Rust (or, worst case, any other language as a fallback :smiley: ) on a set of simple to harder problems with some back-story, this year's Advent of Code has started today -


Somebody taking part with Rust and wants to share his/her/their code online after the points are taken?
Would be an early morning every day for me to get some of them :wink:

My code is here adventofcode/2021 at main ยท kolbma/adventofcode ยท GitHub

I'd be interested in seeing some other solutions.

My solutions are KMK/aoc2021: KMK solves in Rust - aoc2021 -

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My humble work in progress :slight_smile:

Using some ugly stuff like unwrap()s etc. to provide faster raw solutions, may humanize later when not in time pressure
(we have private multi-language board with collegues)

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And if anyone is looking to chat about it (with lower latency than a message board), the community discord has an AoC 2021 channel:


Tracking my answers here: GitHub - abusch/aoc2021: Advent of Code 2021

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