Diesel on Windows


I have to work on Windows and diesel is still compliaing that I cannot find a dll even if set the PQ-lib directory to the right place.

Is there more I can do to make this work and make my first step with rocket and diesel powered site

What is the error?

when I double click on diesel I get a message that libpq cannot be found.
And I double-checked and it can be found in the directory where the PQ-lib variable is pointing to.

You can put the DLL into the same directory as your executable, so that it can be loaded at run time. Another way is to add the path to the DLL's directory to your PATH environment variable.

Note that you can copy error messages with Ctrl+C, and it's better to copy & paste them instead of describing them in your own words.

Now I see messages that the following dlls are missing

  • libssl_1_1.x64.dll
  • libintl_8.dll
  • libcryptio-1_1.x64.dll

Anyone who knows which programm these files provide ?


it looks like I have also to install opensll on Windows or am I wrong and does Postgres take care of this.
It looks like diesel on Windows is really a nightmare which is a pity because I found no other software on my learning path that did not work properly on Windows 10

hmm now I see a message that libiconv-2 cannot be found on Windows10

not funny anymore

I had to set the PQ_LIB_DIR env var, but when I did, got it working.

I did it too but for me it still does not work.
I installed opensll now and 2 out of 3 errors are now gone
only libintl.dll cannot be found.

That sounds quite similar to this StackOverflow question:

Do you need to add the PostgreSQL bin directory to your %PATH%?

I did that also :

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