Struggling with diesel + sqlite on Windows

I'm trying to use diesel - Rust with sqlite3 on Windows.
When I compile, it fail because sqlite3.lib cannot be found.
I look at SQLite Download Page but there is not sqlite3.lib file.
Also, where I am supposed to put the file ?

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Do the suggestions in this ticket help?

The probably easiest way to get something working is to use the bundled feature of the libsqlite3-sys crate (that is used internally by diesel). This will just build and statically link a compatible libsqlite3 version.
For projects depending on diesel this can be done by just adding libsqlite3-sys to your dependencies and enable the corresponding feature there. Be sure to use the same version as used by diesel.
diesel_cli provides a feature flag to enable the corresponding feature. Checkout the Install section of the readme for details.

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