Crates for examples and tuts?

Well, I wonder if it would be possible to do this??

I mean, we have "--example" but they are only part of a crate, AFAIK you cant write a "crate" that is only about examles, or a tutorial, we can't search for them like "list all the samples" (like you list channels on IRC) or something like that.

I wonder if as part of "documentation" maybe if people want to write a tutorial, it could be listed on crates on the tutorials and samples, even "tech demos" or things like that and also keep clean the crates as libs at the same time.

I will also fill a issue for cargo to add funcitonality if you cargo run --example it list all available test so you dont need to ls the dir (maybe that could work also for normal run).

Also it will be nice if there is a specialized documentation for "optimization techniques" for rust that is also official woudl be nice, watching a little the current issues I found this one so I say ey loop unrolling!