Crate tutorials similar to csv

Hello I'm a new rust user here who's currently working my way through The Book. I've also been exploring a few different crates and was really impressed by the tutorial within the csv crate. It gives a really good introduction to the crate and how to make use of it whilst writing good rust code. Can anyone think of similar crates/tutorials that give a good introduction to both a crate and the language. I'm already aware of the-cookbook and rust-by-example. Apologies that this is such a vague request - any use case / crate is welcome as it helps me to get more familiar with the language!

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I'm a big fan of rust-by-example. I have not read the-cookbook.

What has worked really well for me is an IDE (I use IntelliJ w/ rust plugin) with great support for "jump to definition" / "jump to struct/enum" / "jump to function" ...

It's not as nice as having a tutorial, but you start reading the source / comments "by osmosis."

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There's also this