Crate of the Week


easy_reader: “Move forward, backward or randomly through the lines of huge files. Easily and fastly.”


slotmap: “A Rust library providing two containers with persistent unique keys to access stored values”. Good for game entities or graph nodes.


froggy: “Froggy is a prototype for Component Graph System”. Also good for game entities.


generational-arena: “A safe arena allocator that allows deletion without suffering from the ABA problem by using generational indices.” Again this is good for game entities or graph nodes.


spin-sleep: providing a very accurate sleep() function as well as a LoopHelper which is really handy. The author puts quite some effort into measuring a lot on different platforms (see here).


Crate of the week suggestion: . Attempts to summarize licenses of crates you depend on.


cgroups: “Native Rust library for managing control groups under Linux”.

I’m nominating this because it unlocks the ability to start writing lightweight Docker-like libraries in Rust for Linux!


failsafe (reddit thread) - Wrap function in a supervisor that prohibits execution (returns error early) for some time in case of consequtive failures of the wrapped function.


I was just told about cargo-src.


mdproof: “A standalone markdown to PDF converter”


mtpng: "A parallelized PNG encoder in Rust "


smallbox: Small Box optimization: store small item on the stack and fallback to heap for large item. Faster memory allocation than Box.


The packed_simd crate has been working towards bringing an implementation of portable SIMD, fit for inclusion in the standard library.


Evcxr: A Rust REPL and Rust Jupyter Kernel.


I’m sure this has been nominated before, but just in case, I would like to nominate crossbeam for its large suite of high quality concurrency primitives.


Seems the last mention was back in November 2016, and crossbeam-channel in December 2017

(Fun fact: Discourse warns us of such things when we try to include a previously posted URL)

This is a long time, but my personal feeling is still that a crate should have recently done something noteworthy (milestone release, big new feature, etc.) to have a second chance at the spotlight.
Crossbeam feels so foundational, and so stable, these days (a massive compliment! :heart:) that I wonder if it qualifies as needing “more attention” :slight_smile:


I’d like to nominate pest, the elegant parser for CotW.

pest is a general purpose parser written in Rust with a focus on accessibility , correctness , and performance . It uses parsing expression grammars (or PEG) as input, which are similar in spirit to regular expressions, but which offer the enhanced expressivity needed to parse complex languages.

(Disclaimer: I contributed greatly towards the end of the 2.0 development cycle.)

We recently released 2.0 and the website is a cool showcase of what Rust-on-wasm does today; you can actually Try It Online!


add-one: Just for fun

returns n + 1 with n ∈ R


Ruukh - An experimental next-gen frontend framework for the Web in Rust.


Cntr, a way to add in tools to a container after its built to debug it: