Crate of the Week


cargo-update - keep all crates installed via cargo up to date (even git ones)

I don’t know if it does qualify, it was mentioned in New Crates section almost two years ago but never was a Crate of the Week


font-kit - Cross-platform font loading library written in Rust.


once_cell: “Rust library for single assignment cells and lazy statics without macros”


cargo-light: “A cargo plugin to list usages of shadowed variables in your rust code”


warp: “A super-easy, composable, web framework for warp speeds”


unidiff - a git diff/patch format parser. Using it in a personal project and it works great. It also supports hg and svn.


Sequoia - A new OpenPGP implementation written in Rust.


bobbin-sdk is a butiful library for embedded development (CortexM devices)


tower-web: "A fast, boilerplate free, web framework for Rust "
Blog post: “Tower Web — A new web framework for Rust”


joinery: “A Rust library for generically joining iterables with a separator”


flexi_logger: a better env_logger. Just as simple, but you can easily write to a file, and you don’t need to use set_env if you want to control logging level from within the application.

Logger::with_env_or_str("myprog=debug, mylib=warn")


prettysize-rs: “A comprehensive file size crate for rust applications, meant to be light and effective. Includes utilities for human-readable formatting of file sizes as well as converting between different base-two and base-ten size units.”


Automatically generating railroad diagrams for syntax used in Rust macros:

IMHO it’s fantastic idea — that’s how macros should be documented!


jRust - A Rust macro that parses Java-like syntax and runs it as a Rust program.


wasm-bindgen-futures - Seamlessly converting between JavaScript Promises and Rust Futures.


This is absolutely fantastic!

It even has an online demo:


I’m going to nominate . It’s far from complete, but they’ve consolidated behind one implementation. Looks like there’s plenty of easy starting places for people to pitch in and help.


Can I propose too ? for the next week ? :slight_smile:


Hey, I’d like to propose my linux desktop theme manager if that’s ok. It’s not hugely technologically complicated(except perhaps for the online features), but I think it’s a good example of an userspace application that benefits from being written in Rust.


@Kero, @nicohman:
Yes sure, you can propose any crate that you want.