Crate of the Week


smallbox: Small Box optimization: store small item on the stack and fallback to heap for large item. Faster memory allocation than Box.


The packed_simd crate has been working towards bringing an implementation of portable SIMD, fit for inclusion in the standard library.


Evcxr: A Rust REPL and Rust Jupyter Kernel.


I’m sure this has been nominated before, but just in case, I would like to nominate crossbeam for its large suite of high quality concurrency primitives.


Seems the last mention was back in November 2016, and crossbeam-channel in December 2017

(Fun fact: Discourse warns us of such things when we try to include a previously posted URL)

This is a long time, but my personal feeling is still that a crate should have recently done something noteworthy (milestone release, big new feature, etc.) to have a second chance at the spotlight.
Crossbeam feels so foundational, and so stable, these days (a massive compliment! :heart:) that I wonder if it qualifies as needing “more attention” :slight_smile:


I’d like to nominate pest, the elegant parser for CotW.

pest is a general purpose parser written in Rust with a focus on accessibility , correctness , and performance . It uses parsing expression grammars (or PEG) as input, which are similar in spirit to regular expressions, but which offer the enhanced expressivity needed to parse complex languages.

(Disclaimer: I contributed greatly towards the end of the 2.0 development cycle.)

We recently released 2.0 and the website is a cool showcase of what Rust-on-wasm does today; you can actually Try It Online!


add-one: Just for fun

returns n + 1 with n ∈ R


Ruukh - An experimental next-gen frontend framework for the Web in Rust.


Cntr, a way to add in tools to a container after its built to debug it:


Noria announced on Reddit this week:


loc - a tool that counts lines of code faster than cloc:


A rusty disk usage tool: cargo install dutree


Parse Wiki Text – Parse wiki text from Mediawiki into a tree of elements

Github | | discussion


A CLI tool that displays information about your project directly on your terminal.


I’d like to nominate webpacker-rs which brings Rust much closer for Are We Web Yet by making Node’s Webpack available in Rust and takes advantage of the convenient configuration Rails has with integrating Webpacker as well.

Using CSS, SASS, CoffeeScript, React, VueJS, and any other similar web assets that need pre-compiling, packing, managing, and cache invalidation has become nearly as easy as drag and drop (drop a file into the webpack loaders directory and load it from the main environment.js file).


A CLI tool for keeping your target directory clean of old build files without affecting build performance


Hi! I would like to propose lsd, a rewrite of colorls.

It’s an ls command with some cool features like the icons, the tree format or the based on the files metadata (if it’s a big file / old file/ etc).


YaSerDe an improved XML parser/writer (with full features).
It’s compatible with SerDe to convert models into other formats.


Sandspiel, a falling sand game built in Rust+WebGL. It’s not a crate but it’s worth showcasing.


Dose Response - A roguelike game written in Rust.