Crate of the Week

There's a new lru crate on the scene and it's fast:


I'd like to nominate

It makes adding a cache to e.g. a web service very simple by providing types for both sync and async usage, as well as providing the common knobs that you want to have (max cache size, TTL-based eviction, size-aware eviction, etc.)

I'd like to nominate syntactic-for, which is a syntactic "for" loop Rust macro.


Darkbird !!!

Full featured in-memory document oriented storage
also supports FullText Search operation

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Self-nomination, again. :grin: Two times my larger crates have won but this new crate is tiny. :thinking:

cargo-my-bin is a tiny and handy plugin for Cargo displaying the contents of ~/.cargo/bin/.

Today, I released v0.2.0 enhancing its documentation and functionality: it can now constrain the output to a specific type of crates such as Cargo plugins (--plugins) or crates installed by default (--default).

I wrote cargo-my-bin because:

(1) I wanted a handy tool listing installed crates working faster than the available updaters, which -at least on my system- have a several-seconds-long delay.

(2) Typing 'cargo my-bin' is so much simpler than typing 'ls $HOME/.cargo/bin'.

(3) With time, I can implement lots of handy features, such like sorting, etc.

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A collection of pure-Rust audio decoders for many common formats, with performance competitive with ffmpeg:


My library and binaries for the reading, creating, and modification of SquashFS file systems: backhand

I never knew about the existence of nextest, and it looks pretty nifty. So I'm nominating that.

A simple and synchronous web framework, URL routing with plain fn pointer, and optional Template and Database feature supported.

Darkbird 4.0.0 !!!

Full featured in-memory document oriented storage
also supports

@ FullText Search operation

@ Materialized View

@ Migration

@ Rich Indexing

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I would like to nominate envious: "envious allows you to deserialize your serde enabled structs from environment variables".


darkbird 5.0.0 :bomb::star2:

Full featured realtime, in-memory database !!!!

Migrated from storage to Database world !!!
provided schema builder and all operation do with database layer

● Schema Builder
● Database level


scannedpdf is a simple images to pdf crate.
It's fast, with low memory footprint(usually lower than 100Mb) and unicode outlines(bookmarks) support.

I made this because I need to combine thousands of images into a single PDF.


Fast CLI bookmark manager and launcher.


  • full-text search with semantic ranking
  • fuzzy search --fzf (CTRL-O: open, CTRL-E: edit)
  • tags for classification
  • ... more

Darkbird 6.0.0
full featured database

● Materialized view
● Migration
● Atomic operation
● Key Expiration

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An HTTP load testing application written in Rust.

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I’d like to nominate dyn_vec. Allows for storing Unsized dyn types in continuous memory via a quasi-stack / vec like data structure and avoiding the need to box every single dyn trait object individually. There’s a few similar crates already published that do something similar, but this one is by far the most ergonomic I’ve found.

This Man In The Middle Proxy for HTTP/1, HTTP/2, and WebSockets with SSL/TLS Capabilities.

I'd like to nominate duplicate: an (almost) zero-dependency proc macro crate, which allows easy parametric code duplication. No more writing ad hoc macro_rules! with broken formatting and intellisense! This crate allows you to write your functions, types and impls as normal, with all the usual tooling benefits, and substitute certain identifiers with multiple (token) expressions.

This is particularly invaluable when writing tests for various integer types. No longer do you need to choose between readability and code deduplication!


I'd like to nominate it just saved my week