Comparison with Scala and D


Unfortunately my favourites languages ( Scala) compiles only for JVM and Javascript and I am searching for good fast alternatives for some performance-critical tasks. I did not look into details but I see that like Scala Rust borrows many ideas from functional programming while remaining hybrid language. I wonder are there any comparisons between Scala/Rust/D I can look at?


I don’t know any detailed comparison but knowing Scala I found some parts of Rust rather easy like closures and traits (although Scala traits are not a 1:1 equivalent for Rust’s traits).

I have spoken to several Scala developers who are really excited about Rust.

I think the hardest part will be understanding the Borrow Checker and the memory safety as this is mostly hidden from Scala developers because of the JVM (that does not mean a Scala developer shouldn’t think about memory usage, of course!).

I recommend reading through the Rust book on the Rust website, it explains most of the language very well and you can see how it compares to Scala.

I like Scala a lot. Rust is the first language since I learned Scala several years ago that I find really interesting, mostly thanks to the combination of functional features with all the low level stuff, good performance and most important memory safety.