Cologne / Germany: Rust Meetup on 2016-06-06 with special guest


if you live near Cologne / Germany, or just happen to be around, you might want to join our 7th Rust Meetup. At this meetup we are excited to welcome Rust core team member Alex Crichton.

There will be three short talks about

• results of the clippy survey - Andre Bogus
• panopticon (dissassembler written in Rust) - Kai Michaelis
• the future of Rust - Alex Crichton

As always you can enjoy some drinks and meet nice people at the Chaos Computer Club Cologne. We are looking forward to seeing you! :slight_smile:

Please register here if you want to participate. Note, that this meetup will be held in English.


We have linked video recordings (along with the slides) of all talks on our website - for everyone who couldn't make it.


Thanks for sharing the slides!

I have a question: Does the Future trait provide an approach for asynchronous programming in std?

trait Future {
     type Item;
     type Error;

     fn schedule<F>(&mut self, f: F)
          where F: FnOnce(Result<Item, Error>)+ Send + ‘static;

Yes, using Futures allows you to deal with async I/O – but the library @alexcrichton has been working on is experimental and is nowhere near being in std. You can find more discussion about this on reddit.

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