Cargo deb — make Debian packages from Cargo projects

I'm unreasonably* excited to announce a new version of cargo-deb. This tool automagically turns Rust/Cargo binary projects into Debian packages.

cargo install cargo-deb
cargo deb

That's all you need to get a <your_project_here>.deb file that installs on Debian/Ubuntu, with accurately specified dependencies, and as much data as available in Cargo.toml, so you can have your Rust executables properly installed system-wide in a dpkg-friendly way.

*) manual creation of deb files was always tedious and error-prone for me — requiring a bunch of config files, obscure sequences of maintainer scripts, and whole day of googling errors. So seeing it being zero effort is magical for me.


Is there a builder of RPMs for Fedora Rawhide?

I might have to look into this. It could make my deployment process easier. Thanks for the hard work on it!