Can't find the "cargo-remove" crate

Hi, sorry for this terribly silly question, but I'm obsessed with the convenience of the "cargo add" command and the fact that there is no "cargo remove" troubles me deeply. The docs mention the remove subcommand:
yet there is no trace of such crate in Does someone know what happened with given crate or am I doomed to remove dependencies in a manual way?

cargo add and cargo remove are both built in to cargo now, you don't need a crate to do either

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Hmmm as I thought; I don't have it, therefore I'm gonna check whether something happened with my cargo installation (1.65.0) or if it got somehow removed in my specific version; might open an issue on github. Thanks! :smiley:

cargo remove was added in Rust 1.66.

You can also read the documentation for exactly your installed version, and discover that it doesn't exist there:

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