Call method + print array with CodeLLDB + VSCode

Hi there,

I'm starting to use VSCode + CodeLLDB to debug some rust code recently, I find the plugin really handy to use, but somehow I cannot either call method nor can I access arrays with index more than 0. I don't find any docs online so I'm here for help.

My environment: OSX + VSCode + CodeLLDB

Here's the problem I have:

  1. Cannot print array with index
    Basically, I have a vector named chars, I want to print its value at index 2, let's say, so I did something like "p chars.buf.ptr.pointer.2" in the debug window, but got an error:

  2. Cannot call method in Debug Console:
    Basically when I try to call method like "p var.method()" it never succeeded. Always told me the field doesn't exists or something

Does anyone have the same issue? I wonder how can I solve this problem

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