Best way to use `sendfile` in a Rust codebase (with tokio or threads)

I'd like to use a zero-copy transfer from a file to tcpstream using sendfile.

However seems like this call is inherently blocking. Is there anything better to do about it than run in a spawn_blocking?

You're not going to get around spawn_blocking for file IO unless you use io_uring. The sendfile call doesn't change anything regarding this.

I thought so.

Though while I kept searching, I found that async-io (smol?) had some method of using non-blocking calls and a separate thread doing async IO wakeups via epoll.

Seems like sendfile works with non-blocking FDs: c - sendfile() completion to non-blocking socket - Stack Overflow

Though it makes me wonder - given that sendfile is particularly useful for large transfers, is using epoll + non-blocking not going to just introduce bunch of context switches to the user-space for no good reason (just to get woken up and restart the operation?) I would expect the TcpSocket to get "not-ready" very frequently...

Maybe sendfile works with non-blocking fds, but this is only relevant for the writes to the outgoing socket. The reads from the file are still going to be blocking.

Not completely sure what you're referring to here, but this is a problem with the APIs exposed by the kernel. You're not going to find any library that can do this, except possibly for things based on io_uring.


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