Best way to learn rust programming

Hello All, I am looking to Rust tutorial, I have 4-month experience in programming but I want to grow my skills in this field, Can anyone suggest me free resource where I can start learning rust?

Sure! Here're some official suggestions.


Here's my advice, aside from the usual advice of "Just read The Book!":

  1. Read Amos Wegner's A half-hour to learn Rust
  2. Go through Richard Anaya's Tour of Rust
  3. Checkout the Rustlings repo and do all the exercises, referring to The Book when necessary
  4. Get started on The Rust track at (You don't have to do all the exercises, there's 92 of them which is a lot, just start with the Easy ones and once you've feel you've outgrown them jump to the Medium ones and then the Hard ones. Also don't feel like you have to "complete" this step before moving on to the others. It's okay to skip this and come back to it whenever.)
  5. Follow Philipp Flenker's Hecto Tutorial where you implement a simple vim-like terminal text editor in Rust. The tutorial doesn't assume you know any Rust so it's very approachable even for absolute beginners.
  6. Follow Olivia Ifrim's Sokobon Tutorial where you implement a simple windowed 2D sokobon game in Rust. This tutorial also doesn't assume you know any Rust so it's also very approachable for absolute beginners.

If you do a little bit each day going through all of the above will probably take 2-3 weeks.

One great general beginner resource I couldn't fit above but still recommend to read and reference is David MacLeod's Easy Rust.

Some great resources for advanced beginners on specific aspects of Rust where people commonly struggle with are:

All of the above should take you pretty far and in a relatively short period of time. Good luck on your Rust learning journey!


The given answer is perfect and I used to add here few more curated tutorials to start learning rust programming.

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