Async function signature

I'm playing with custom_testing_framework and I don't know how to do the following:

Suppose that I want all my ts functions will be async:


async fn my_runner(ts: &[&FnOnce() -> ?]) {
// somewhere call for all ts .await

async fn some_test() {}

But I can't specify an appropriate returned type for my tests functions.
I tried to use such thing: Higher function taking async reference-taking closures, for rewriting my test's runner function signature to:

async fn my_runner<F>(ts: &[F])
     F: for<'a> AsyncFn1<(), Output = ()>,

But in such cases I can't call multiple tests since every function even with same input/output props has a different type.

You can try using a &[dyn AsyncFn<(), Output = ()>]. Not sure if it will work with regards to lifetimes.

I recommend this thread: How to handle a vector of async function pointers

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