Announcing Twiggy version 0.6.0

Announcing twiggy 0.6.0

twiggy is a code size profiler for .wasm binaries.

Upgrade to this release by reinstalling with cargo:

cargo install -f twiggy


Released 2019-06-27.

  • Merge Wasm function and code entries into a single item in results. This
    means that output that used to look like:

      387 ┊     13.74% ┊ func[2]
      378 ┊     13.42% ┊   ⤷ wee_alloc::alloc_with_refill::hb32c1bbce9ebda8e
      226 ┊      8.02% ┊       ⤷ func[3]
      225 ┊      7.99% ┊           ⤷ wee_alloc::alloc_first_fit::h9a72de3af77ef93f

    Will simply appear like this from now on:

      387 ┊     13.74% ┊ wee_alloc::alloc_with_refill::hb32c1bbce9ebda8e
      226 ┊      8.02% ┊   ⤷ wee_alloc::alloc_first_fit::h9a72de3af77ef93f

    Why merge them into a single item? They are physically split at the binary
    level to allow parallel type checking of individual functions, since the
    checker knows all function’s types by the time it has their code bodies. But
    despite being split, there is always a one-to-one relationship between
    function entries and code entries. They are logically part of the “same”
    thing, and there is no deduplication or sharing going on here that makes it so
    it makes sense for Twiggy to talk about them separately. Finally, merging them
    together means that results are presented in a more readable and more compact
    way. Win-win!


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

  • data-pup
  • Nick Fitzgerald


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