Announcing Twiggy version 0.2.0

Announcing twiggy 0.2.0

twiggy is a code size profiler for .wasm binaries.

Upgrade to this release by reinstalling with cargo:

cargo install -f twiggy


Released 2018/06/25.

  • Added @data-pup to the Twiggy team! \o/

  • Added the twiggy diff subcommand to compare two versions of the same
    binary. #49 #12

  • Added the twiggy garbage subcommand to list code and data that is not
    transitively referenced by any exports / public functions. #48 #50

  • Added the ability to emit results as CSV. Pass the --format csv flags. #44

  • twiggy paths will now default to printing the paths to all items if no
    specific item is given as an argument. #57 #63

  • Added a --regex option to twiggy paths and twiggy dominators. This
    allows you to filter items by regexp, for example to only list items matching
    std::.*. #58 #65 #59 #68


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

  • csmoe
  • data-pup
  • Ivan Enderlin
  • Nick Fitzgerald
  • Stephan Renatus


Want to join us? Check out our and take a look
at some of these issues: