Announcing Shreddit: overwrite and delete your Reddit history

Since the original Python-based Shreddit has been unmaintained for a long time, I decided to rewrite it it Rust.

With the rewrite:

  • No need to install Python, pip, or anything else on your computer now; you can download the binaries from GitHub.
  • All configuration is done with CLI arguments and environment variable fallbacks, so you can store your configuration in a shreddit.env file if you want, and pass overrides via CLI arguments.

Currently you can:

  • Choose to overwrite and delete posts, comments, or both.
  • Preserve anything more recent than a provided datetime.
  • Preserve anything with a score greater than a provided number.
  • Perform a dry run so you can preview what will happen without it actually doing anything.

It's still a work in progress with more features to come.

I'm happy to take PRs and feature requests. It's a pretty simple project, so if anyone would like to contribute to learn Rust, it might be a good project to start with!


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