Subreddits going private?

Hey, I've been following both the /r/rust and /r/bevy sub-Reddits for a while now and they have suddenly gone private? What gives?

I believe it is this: Reddit - Dive into anything

If I go to /r/rust, I get a dialog box with the following link that explains what’s going on: Announcement: /r/rust will be joining the blackout on June 12th. Here is our statement. : rust

This thread contains a copy of the post from before the subreddit went private:


I found the post somewhat enlightening since if stability is the goal for communities, Reddit has just proved itself a wholly unworthy host for all of them.

And the post is right, this is the end stage of such "social media" companies. Which means that if reddit goes the slashdot route (which looks not unlikely at this point) and the community just jumps to slashdot 3.0, all that would do is set the stage for a rhyming refrain in history.
And at that point I'll say that the community itself is to blame for their own malaise, for refusing to learn the lesson already.

The only real solution is a hard and permanent decoupling from such parasitical¹ commercial entities.

¹ Calling a company parasitical is somewhat strong language, but ask yourself: if all the community-generated content is removed, what's the value of what's left?


So from that first article on

TL;DR: the Rust community must not allow itself to become reliant on Reddit. We must have a healthy selection of independent discussion venues if we are to survive Reddit's relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of its users, even if that means creating those venues ourselves.

They don't see this forum as an alternative?

Did you read the other thread? It's covered in the first few comments there.

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