Announcing shaku, a dependency injection library

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I've been working on this crate for the past few months, and now I think it's ready to see what others think of it. Shaku is a dependency injection library which, unlike most other Rust DI libraries, allows you to have both long living and temporary services, and checks dependencies at application startup.

For example, a database connection pool lives for the application lifetime, but the connections it provides may only live for the lifetime of a request (temporary service). If a service is registered that requires a connection, but no registered service provides a connection, then an error will be thrown on startup (when building the DI container).

Most of the work is taken care of by a (optional) derive macro, so there is minimal boilerplate. See the getting started guide on the docs for a walkthrough!

I'm really interested in what you think of the API, usability, documentation, etc, so please open issues! I plan on continuing development of the crate and getting it to 1.0 (and beyond), so your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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