Algorithm to Reverse Integer

pub fn reverse (mut I:u32) -> u32 {
let mut out:f32 = 0;

while I != 0 {
out=out * 10 + I % 10;


return out as u32;

Hello Rustaceans, I'm trying to implement reverse integer algorithm in rust but before I return out, I will like to do something like this :

if(out> Integer.MAX_VALUE || out < Integer. MIN_VALUE) return 0

The above is a Java implementation before returning the out.
Thanks a lot

The simplest way is probably to calculate in u64 and try to convert back at the end:

pub fn reverse(mut i: u32) -> u32 {
    let mut out: u64 = 0;
    while i != 0 {
        out = out * 10 + (i % 10) as u64;
        i /= 10;


An alternative approach is to round-trip through a string representation, which perhaps reflects the underlying intent better (at a cost of heap allocations):

pub fn reverse(i: u32) -> u32 {

Noted thanks. I guess this method will impact the runtime complexity since it's allocated memory on the heap.

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