Actix-web client https support

I couldn’t find any documentation about actix-web that can support HTTPS in client mode.
Is this possible send a HTTPS request with actix-web ?

Typically you operate something like actix in the background and let a proper webserver, e.g. nginx handle TLS and act as a proxy (

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Thank you for your solution Hellow.

I found that can support. just I need to add their dependency.
actix-web = { version="0.7", features=["ssl"] }

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Just to clear up this misunderstanding, I want to point out that you (@hellow) seem to have misunderstood @uncotion’s question. It’s probably because you’re not yet aware that actix-web is an HTTP(s) client in addition to a server framework. @uncotion was asking how to send HTTPS requests with actix-web, not receive them.