Announing Actix web 0.4 - simle, extremily fast, async web framework

I am happy to announce actix web - 0.4 release!

This release contains numerous updates and refinements to server api. As well as two new features, http and websockets clients. And some performance optimizations.


  • Supported HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2.0 protocols
  • Streaming and pipelining
  • Keep-alive and slow requests handling
  • Client/Server WebSockets support
  • Transparent content compression/decompression (br, gzip, deflate)
  • Configurable request routing
  • Graceful server shutdown
  • Multipart streams
  • SSL support with openssl or native-tls
  • Middlewares (Logger, Session, Redis sessions, DefaultHeaders, CORS, CSRF)
  • Built on top of Actix actor framework.

Any help and contributions would be very welcome!