ACCU Conference call for session proposals now open


The ACCU 2018 Call for Session Proposals is now open.

ACCU is a major UK (but nonetheless very international) conference on programming and programming languages. Historically a large amount of C++ and related content. Exactly the place for some good Rust content.

ACCU organisation website:

ACCU conference website:

ACCU conference call for session proposals:


For those that struggle a little to find the dates, like me:

Call for Proposals: 2017-10-16 to 2017-11-17
Notification Date: 2018-01-12
Schedule Announcement: 2018-01-19
Workshops Day: 2018-04-10
Conference: 2018-04-11 to 2018-04-14

Also, as always: if in doubt, please submit. I’m sure the committee will like to see your submission. If you need help writing a proposal, please feel free to ping me on IRC (skade) or send me a message here.