ACCU 2019 Call for Proposals

ACCU 2018 had a lot of excellent Rust content. It would be great to continue this and create a tradition of having a Rust track. ACCU is generally a 50% C and C++ conference, but getting Rust content in is a way of weaning people off C and C++. :slight_smile:

The ACCU 2019 Call for Proposals will be during October 2018, lasting just three weeks. See

I hope we get lots of interesting Rust-related proposals, especially ones aimed at moving people from C and C++ to Rust.

I think those talks mostly incite C++ programmers to implement the Rust ideas in the C++ language/stdlib :slight_smile:

There is certainly some of that amongst the hardcore C++ addicts, but there are many to be enticed to be Rustceans.

Which is still a win. Improving the quality of system programming isn’t a zero sum game, and we make the world better for everyone either way :smile: