1st day coding EVER learning rust on windows

hello thank you all for taking the time to read this this I'm trying to learn rust as my first coding language I know there's a steep learning curve but I'm convinced that rust is the way. anyways using udemy youtube tutorials and reading the book cant seem to figure out why when I'm doing the most basic println! "hello, world" I get to a part in the tutorial where I'm being instructed to cargo run but nothing compiles and I'm I an error message if anyone out there is nice enough to enlighten me it'll be greatly appreciated i don't feel like this should be this hard so please tell me like I'm 5

Post: your code, Cargo.toml, the command you are running, and the error.


Excellent. There has often been discussion here about whether Rust is a suitable language with which to introduce programming to complete beginners to programming. It would be great if you would stick with your plan and we find out the answer to that question.

I suspect it is quite a reasonable thing to do. Rust is quite a complex language with a lot of features to get familiar with but I suspect if it could be introduced to to a keen first time programmer with baby steps it could work out quit well. After all back in the day as teenagers we were introduced to programming with BASIC but in the same months of the course were expected to become somewhat familiar with assembly language as well.

IT would be very helpful if you had someone to hand who could get you started, but I guess that is unlikely. So the next best thing is to ask here.

First off, do post your code and resulting error messages, then people will know what is going wrong.

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Without seeing the exact error message it's hard to help diagnose what's going wrong. If you're saying that even the basic Hello, world! tutorial fails to compile, I suspect there may be something wrong with your environment.

I noticed you said you're running on Windows. Did you possibly forget to install the C++ Build Tools: Set up your dev environment on Windows for Rust | Microsoft Docs ?

Kind of a stab in the dark but could be possible this was overlooked as the rust installer doesn't do this for you.


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