Zbox: zero-details, privacy-focused embeddable file system


Hi All,

I’d like to announce Zbox, a zero-details, privacy-focused embeddable file system.

Its goal is to help application store files securely, privately and reliably. By encapsulating files and directories into an encrypted repository, it provides a virtual file system and exclusive access to authorized application.

Unlike other system-level file systems, Zbox is a file system that runs inside and only accessible by your application.

By abstracting IO access, Zbox supports a variety of underlying storage layers. such as memory and OS file system. I am also considering to provide RDBMS and key-value object store supports in the future.

Zbox provides similar file system IO interface to std::fs and std::fs::File.

There are many more details, you can check it out at https://github.com/zboxfs/zbox.

We hope this library is useful for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for help and questions. Suggestions, complains (constructively), issues and pull requests are all welcome.

Thanks and happy coding!

Useful links:


Author here.

As somebody points out, the term zero-knowledge might be misleading in cryptography meaning, I am going to change it to more meaningful terms later on.


I have changed to title to zero-details, which should make less confusion now.


I wrote Sanakirja, a fully transactional key-value store, entirely in Rust. Want to join forces?


Interesting work. But unfortunately I have fully occupied by my day job and Zbox, cannot take any more work load. Good luck.