Windows - read exe version

Trying to find a way to read metadata around EXE files in Windows. Specifically, how to read version info on a EXE or DLL.

Feel like I’m missing the obvious here.


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Programmatically in rust or in general? Because there are many tools to find metadata on binaries on windows. Even though, you could still spawn a process and read the output. Depending on what you are going to look for, there are different tools you may need, for example if you want to check whether a binary is a .NET app, you could use dumpbin if I recall, and some other tools for other metadata. It all depends on what you want to do.

I’m looking for the information you can see when right clicking a file and looking at the details tab on Windows.

I can read the timestamps in std::fs::metadata.

New to Rust, so pretty sure I’m just missing something simple.

Like so:

Most of this can actually be found in std::fs::metadata

This is what I’m trying to figure out how to read in Rust.


Not finding this in std::fs::metadata.

I used the pelite crate to do this. There are a few alternatives, but I found pelite to be the simplest way of doing it with cross-platform support.


Cool and thanks, I’ve got some stuff to learn. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the file version is part of PE metadata. It is instead part of another set of metadata which is embedded as a resource in the EXE or DLL. You will need to call Windows API GetFileVersionInfo to get that. See this StackOverflow question for example code in C++. You can write the equivalent in Rust. For that the winapi crate may come in handy.