Windows Native API crate?


Are there any Rust crates that bind to the (mostly undocumented) Windows Native API?



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@sfackler The winapi crate is binding to the Windows API. IMO, it is different from what @dobenour asked. She seems to ask binding to the Native API because the word “undocumented” is in her post.
Most functions in the Native API are undocumented.


Don’t you just hate it when “native Windows API” and “Windows Native API” (note capitalisation) are two practically identical names for two very different things…

Sigh, naming things, and caching… The two big problems of IT.


You are correct, except that I am a she, not a he.


I’m not sure if any proper bindings for the Windows Native API even exist. On Stack Overflow, someone asking how you use it from C++ was told they’d essentially need to write their own header file with definitions for whatever they want to use, which is… not ideal :disappointed: