Will rust support IOS and andriod within 2 years

I like rust very much and started learning it but do you think that rust will support IOS and Android with 2-3 years because I plan to build GUI application+web application(restful back-end with angular html front-end )

  • mobile application(ios+andriod) all with rust any suggestion?


Depends what you mean by, "support". You can already use Rust in iOS and Android applications:

Worth to mention that some has already shipped code written in Rust for Android and iOS What's everyone working on this week (24/2016)? - #4 by mark_buer

I believe the hard part is
a) being able to call native APIs, including GUIs, phone facilities and so on.
b) being able to write crossplatform code that would work against a reasonable subset of APIs common for all platforms

Something like PhoneGap in Rust? Not sure how close that is.

Depends on how you approach it. If you leave UI and such in what fits best for the platform but have other platform independent code in Rust which is export as an C API then it should be quite straightforward.

This is becoming a more and more common approach by the way, with most of that stuff being implemented in C. I know a lot of people that were eying towards Haskell for that, but they dropped the ball.

And if noone else has yet, you could always spearhead that project... I can guarantee you aren't the only person who would love to be able to write iOS/Android application using Rust.