Why does rustc hang indefinitely on Raspbian Stretch?


I tried to install websocat on Raspbian Stretch using cargo:

So I first installed Rust toolchain according the instruction:

pi@raspberrypi3BplusX:~ $ curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh
info: downloading installer
Rust is installed now. Great!

To get started you need Cargo's bin directory ($HOME/.cargo/bin) in your PATH 
environment variable. Next time you log in this will be done automatically.

To configure your current shell run source $HOME/.cargo/env
pi@raspberrypi3BplusX:~ $ 

Installation went well, but cargo just did hang indefinitely.

Then I tried to compile minimal helloworld example with rustc and that hangs as well:

$ cat hello.rs 
fn main() {
    println!("Hello World!");
$ rustc hello.rs 

What am I missing?
Does rustc work on Raspbian Stretch?


Try to install nightly and use rustc -Z time-passes hello.rs. Would it output anything?

Also try debugging with strace: strace -fo log rustc hello.rs. Attaching to a hung rustc with gdb and dumping threads’ stacktraces may also be helpful.

Note that there are pre-built versions of websocat on Github releases page. You may want to try websocat_arm-linux.