Which tools are still `*-preview`, and which are installed through cargo and which through `rustup`

I am using bunch Rust tools, and now I’ve lost track which are supposed to be installed through rustup component add and which through cargo install -f, and which have -preview and which don’t. :smiley:

  • racer
  • rls
  • clippy
  • rustfmt

I want to use latest stable with Rust 2018 edition with these, if it makes any difference.

For the rustup component add part you can do rustup component list to get a list of all the things you can install with it.

Thank you.

After more investigation, turns out I had still old (0.13) rustup, provided by my system (NixOS), and it was not seeing the new components. I had to manually switch to (still in git nixpkgs) rustup 0.15, then reinstall toolchains, and now everything is without -preview.

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