Which crypto/coin/smart-contract/nft platform has the best Rust support?

Something both the wasmer and wasmtime single-lass compiler passes mentions is that the tradeoff makes sense for crypto situations, where we take a wasm program, then care about compile time + runtime.

Question: what are the crypto/coin/smart-contract/nft platforms that have the best Rust support / "toolchain" ?

Solana is pretty good.

Solana and Polkadot. But Solana just got it's first taste of 400k tps spambots and literally died and hard forked an untold number of times in response to validators being down. Has yet to be brought back up with 45 billion $ locked into the chain. Polkadot is probably next. Rust may be best used in the cryptographic libraries moreso than running things. Seems like a better periphery language based on what we are seeing right this second.

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