What's up with `serde-bytes`?

The serde crate is pretty active and regularly accepts external PRs, and maintainers are active on issues, but serde-bytes sees absolutely no activity from maintainers on open issues and pull requests (outside of their own).

Despite that there are still some regular commits and releases.

For example my PR adding support for [u8; N], which has been reviewed by multiple past contributors to serde and implements an long open issue has not seen any feedback from maintainers, despite the feature being requested by multiple people and the serde-byte-array crate that spawned from it having multiple dependents, including RustCrypto.

Other open issues also see no activity, even if to close the issue as not being relevant:

I understand that such a crate must not see much activity, but why is it that demanded PR stay open for more than 1 year without any feedback?


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