What's the simplest way to do symmetric key crypto in Rust?

I'm looking for something that:

  1. works in wasm

  2. relatively secure

  3. has a brain dead API of:

key.encrypt(src: &[u8]) -> Vec<u8>
key.decrypt(src: &[u8]) -> Vec<u8>

Crate suggestions ?

#2 rules out rot26
#1/#3 rules out openssl

I don't know cryptography, but does RustCrypto's AES-GCM-SIV look simple enough?

If you prefer to give up

removes many of the “sharp edges” of AES-GCM, providing significantly better security bounds while simultaneously eliminating the most catastrophic risks of nonce reuse that exist in AES-GCM

to avoid the

No security audits of this crate have ever been performed. [...] USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

then there's also AES-GCM — Rust crypto library // Lib.rs from the same organization.

These are pure Rust libraries, whereas Sodium Oxide is bindings to C. (I've never compiled to WASM and don't know whether that matters.)

RustCrypto also has a Rust implementation of XSalsa20Poly1305 — Rust crypto library // Lib.rs, the algorithm used in sodiumoxide::secretbox, which they say is obsoleted by

They say that's "amenable to fast, constant-time implementations in software", which I guess WASM likely will use.


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