What's everyone working on this week (48/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I'll post a note on learning process. My mileage in Rust is ~4..5 months of excercising in free time.

About a month ago someone posted a link to this speech at StrangeLoop, and it touches traits too, and this part finally clicked in my head. The speaker also suggests to use custom wrapper types to avoid confusion between units or kinds of data. I made an excercise project of genetic algorithm in Python, Julia and Rust. These wrapper types allowed to write the core code alone, and when it compiled, build everything around it, and have no confusion of what is where.

Before this excercise, I had looked at r-star crate, and waived my hands -- it seemed unusable. After this, I looked at it again. And turned out I was misreading the docs, perceiving traits as structs.

I'm implementing more of GIS code, and see that code I created before is hard to use. I have a struct that reads OSM files, and impls an iterator, which returns Result of OSM object enum. This needs big match clauses every time you write iterating code. I'll have to put this into a function that accepts callbacks (when I used osmium in Python, I thought this was bad idea, as the code was clumsy, but turns out it's not.).

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