What's everyone working on this week (25/2016)?


New week, new Rust. What are you folks up to?


Turns out my immediate mode game UI library is not very convenient to use because the slightest change requires recompiling the entire code (which takes around two minutes for my game). Since the UI is written purely in code there is no preview available, and it’s really long and annoying to produce what you want. It would’ve worked with an interpreted language, but not with Rust.

Therefore I started a small HTML/CSS engine that is game-oriented (in other words, no javascript, supported properties are cherry-picked, and most importantly the user must handle rendering and inputs manually).


I’m currently trying to get the caffe.rs caffe bindings to work again. Somehow it seems that there’s an issue with the output that rust-bindgen generates on the latest nightly compiler. Hopefully it will be possible to resolve this soon.


I’m continuing to make progress on my user interface framework indigo. You can find a sample application here

Rendering is done via WebRender. The UI markup is a syntax plugin I wrote.

I’ve got rudimentary layout and drawing working. This is my first Rust project, its been a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Polishing my RSA signing code for ring.


While this doesn’t help you what I have done is (for my debugger) is that the UI is in plugins (dylib/dlls/etc) and the host application provides a © interface to the plugins and I have a thin Rust wrapper for the UI. Also the main application will auto reload plugins if they are recompiled. The current plugins written in Rust takes just few sec to compile (will be even less with cdylib) so this ended up being a very nice workflow for me at least.


Doing nice progress on ProDBG. I have added remote debugging support to FS-UAE (implemented a small gdb server) and ProDBG can connect to to FS-UAE. Here is a screenshot of it connected to FS-UAE and doing some assembly single stepping


I started to make my tutorial series “Rust for Node developers” public: https://github.com/Mercateo/rust-for-node-developers


Find some time to look at serde support for mustache-rs again.

Working on emit-rs, and as always more work on elastic_types. @dtolnay pushed out a new serde_item crate, which gives you access to the same metadata that serde builds up when auto-deriving serialization so that’s allowed me to polish up some of my codegen in elastic_types.


I just posted New Rustacean Interview 2 Part 1: Raph Levien on using Rust to build the Xi editor, the first half of a wide-ranging interview!