What's everyone working on this week (15/2020)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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Modelling pathfinder character (roleplaying game, similar to D&D) builds in rust. Part of the groundwork to model a character is already done, missing is some form of GUI to modify the character as well as most rules from the rulebook (currently only some PoC rules to try if everything else works).

A GUI for cargo-crev:


Looking how to implement Constraint CSS with cassowary-rs to be able to style web apps running WebAssembly, built with Yew for example.
CCSS allows us to define UI elements positioning relative to oneanother using constraints like this:

#panel[left] + 10 == #button1[left];
#button1[right] + 10 == #button2[left];
#button2[right] + 10 == #button3[left];

Also <= and different constraint strengths are supported. I really don't know why people are still only using raw CSS and why this is not better established yet.
There also is Visual Format Language (VFL), which makes this possible:

@h |-(#button1)-(#button2)-(#button3)-(#button4)-| in(#panel) gap(10);

to lay out 4 buttons horizontally in a panel with gaps of 10.

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This week I'm planning to implement a simplified form of NRVO for rustc, an optimization that eliminates redundant moves of data (Named Return Value Optimization – a somewhat misleading name inherited from C++, I might call it something else since it's not really limited to return values at all).


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