What would it take to rewrite a project like WP in Rust?

And would it offer any significant advantages, compared to PHP implementation?

Not taking into consideration all the community aspects, plugins, etc. - of course

WP minus community, plugins, etc... is just web app server I guess?

I've seen people running web app server written in Rust. Most significant advantage on it is the memory usage. It's common for Rust web servers with nontrivial logics running under 5MB of memory footprint.

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If there were no plugins, or if plugins were also written in fully safe Rust, then security would be a big advantage. Php is, or at least used to be, a language very easy to write security vulnerabilities in, and Rust really isn't.

With that said, I think a lot of that security advantage would be because it's a new rewrite with breaking plugin compatibility, and not 100% on the language. A complete rewrite of WordPress in modern PHP with a plugin compatibility break so plugins were also written in fully modern PHP could have some of the same advantages.

As for whether its feasible, maybe. If you have enough funding, definitely, but I don't think rewriting wordpress is a job for anything less than a team of ~5-15 rust developers, and to do it in a reasonable amount of time and with reasonable feature-parity would take even more.

And that might be a conservative estimate: WordPress is a pretty big product.

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