What’s new in IntelliJ Rust

IntelliJ Rust is an open-source Rust plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs that strives to provide a full IDE experience:

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New versions are released every two weeks and three times a year a unified overview post is released. I'll start the thread with recent updates but you can find older stuff here.


What’s new in the IntelliJ Rust plugin for 2022.1

  • Faster macro expansion
  • Name resolution improvements
  • The Extract trait refactoring
  • Initial support for Run targets
  • and more:

IntelliJ Rust Changelog #171

This regular update improves type inference, including unsized coercion, and provides builds for the upcoming 2022.2 releases of JetBrains IDEs:

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IntelliJ Rust Changelog #172

This release contains fixes for long-standing issues related to terminal emulation in Cargo commands output. Also, now the plugin provides web references in string literals.